Our Partners

Innov8 Technology

Innov8 Technology Ltd is a leading IT solutions business, servicing a wide range of customers from single users to PLC’s throughout the UK and Ireland.

At Innov8 our primary focus is, and always will be, to provide solutions that deliver real business benefit through the careful application of information technology.



NetDatatel Manchester have pooled the resources of proven experts in their field, to bring you one of the most complete technology and comunication services in the country. Our goal is to make NetDatatel Manchester a central point for all of your business communications, be it telecomms, networks, web technologies, and all forms of digital media.

Jelly Computers

Jellycomputers.com is a brand new start up, offering state of the art hosting.

Providers of Cloud, Infrastructure as a Service, Off site secure backup services, bespoke hosting solutions, Cloud Bursting Services, Mail washing, Dedicated hosting, Onshore Outsourcing, Co Hosting and Mirroring Services.


Cirrus Stratus

We are a well established and fast-growing cloud computing company that believes the provision of leading edge IT should be as simple as any other utility service

Cirrus Stratus is a cloud computing company providing organisations with enterprise level IT, secure support, service and consultancy solutions.


iCloudHosting is a Cloud host, focussed on providing high-quality, high-availability Cloud hosting services in the UK and USA.
We were incorporated in 2003, began offering cloud services in 2009, before much of the market had started to adopt cloud services. We are one of the most experienced companies in cloud hosting and are proud of what we do.

Shaping Cloud

Shaping Cloud are experts in helping companies reduce IT costs and improve efficiency through moving to the Cloud.

With backgrounds in large corporations such as Accenture, Merrill Lynch and UBS, Shaping Clouds founders saw the possibilities opened up by the Cloud.

To deliver enterprise-level IT to small and medium sized businesses in a more flexible and agile way, helping them to achieve their full potential.


The UKs leading training company

QA is one of the largest business learning providers in the UK, developing skills and capabilities for everyone from apprentices to business leaders.

We believe continuous learning is the key to accelerating individual growth and performance and we are passionate about helping you gain a competitive advantage.