Shopify Store Marketing

Tips To Help You Take Your Shopify Store To The Next Level

Build it and they’ll come, right? No, not when you’re on a landscape as competitive as Shopify. The platform already has close to half a million registered merchants, and this number will only increase with time. So you’ve got to start looking for ways to get ahead of the pack. That doesn’t have to involve re-inventing the wheel: you just need to arm yourself with effective eCommerce marketing tips.

Provide A Stellar Service

Make your current customers happy, and it becomes easier to attract new ones. Or does it really? According to industry figures, 40% of shoppers will readily switch stores if they feel they’ll get a better experience.

So yeah, customer service should be the number one priority on your marketing agenda. Great service means offering products that meet buyers’ expectations. Ensure that orders are shipped in appropriate packaging, and within the specified time frames. Your support team must also be accessible to all customers — and capable of addressing their concerns, obviously.

Supercharge Your Content Strategy

Create awareness and buzz around your products, attract prospects, and convince them to convert. A good content marketing strategy can help you achieve all that, and you already know the principles (authenticity, sincerity, relevance, etc). But what if you’re still struggling to make an impact?

It might be time to stop following the same old recipe and hoping for better results. Here’s how you’re going to take your content to the next level:

-Go visual: Most of the content you publish on your blog can be conveyed through visual mediums just as easily. Video is particularly suited for product guides and such. Infographics, on the other hand, can be used to break down text posts into key points. Either way, the goal is to give your content a higher chance of capturing the audience’s attention.

-Gamify it: Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with your content per se — it’s just that it could use a little gamification. Defined as the application of game mechanisms, this is an easy way to make an otherwise sterile post more fun and engaging for the audience.

-Capitalize on the current: Well, aren’t you already? Taking advantage of today’s headlines/trends is perhaps the easiest way to hook people into your content. Just make sure to pick stuff that resonates with whatever you’re selling.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Breaking into new audiences doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle every time — not when you can leverage the power of influencers. These are individuals with huge fan bases online, usually on social media platforms. Such figures can help you spread your brand’s gospel to uncharted audiences.

You have several options with influencer marketing. One is to have them endorse your product(s) on their own profiles. Alternatively, you could invite them to guest post on your blog or feature them in other promotional efforts. You will have to part with a fee whatever the case, so be prepared.

Enlist an SEO Agency

You already know how important your online visibility is, and search engine rankings play a huge part in that. The good news is that there is a lot you can do by yourself to increase your rankings, thanks to Shopify’s SEO-friendly structure. But if you’re serious about optimizing your visibility, you’ve got to enlist the help of a reputable shopify SEO company.

It’s worth stressing that this isn’t a silver bullet as far as search rankings go (not that there’s any), so don’t proceed with the expectation of immediate results. But there is one thing that an established agency will offer; trustworthy expertise. They’ll eliminate guesswork from your campaign by applying the right optimization techniques at every juncture. They’ll also keep everything above board and thereby avoid incurring penalties from search engines.