Customer Promise

Committed to showing you the best companies of the cloud

  • By working with a wide range of companies we aim to provide you with the best companies in the cloud.
  • Only companies with the correct accreditations from the vendors will be shown on the site.
  • You will have a direct link with your chosen company, so you are always in control.

Making sure you get the right solution for your requirement.

  • We only advertise companies with the correct accreditations from the vendors, so you can be confident of the quality and service
  • Our comparison results table shows you which company of the cloud provides what service of the cloud, so you can get the right product and service.

Helping you fully understand all Cloud Services before making a choice

  • Our services table is designed to help you make an informed choice, and have a direct link to the company/companies of your choice.

Dedicated to saving you time

  • We bring together a wide range of authorised companies in one place so you don’t have to search multiple websites to find the right product and service.
  • Our comparison table, helps you select the right company for your requirement.
  • Direct communication to the company of your choice.

Being clear and unbiased

  • All of our product and services comparisons are shown in a totally unbiased way.
  • We won’t charge you a penny for using our service – it’s completely free.

Respecting your privacy

  • We will never sell on your personal information to anyone else or use it to make unwanted sales calls or send unwanted emails.
  • You can opt out of receiving calls or emails at any time.
  • All personal information is securely stored. and transactional data is encrypted, so you can use our site with confidence.